App of the Week – Pixel Battery Saver

Pixel Battery Saver – App Android su Google Play

Applicazione per aumentare la durata della batteria. Riduce la risoluzione dello schermo spegnendo pixel.

In SOME* smartphones with AMOLED screen (such as Samsung Galaxy S4) black pixel = turned off pixel.
(* – SOME means SOME, NOT EVERY. If this app doesn’t work on yours, just ignore it, you don’t have to rate my work as 1 star…)

I’ve always been irritated because of the fact that our batteries aren’t too great, but phone producers still produce their phones with hiper-resolution, which practically we cannot even see.
I have invented something, that later I turned to real app.

I called it Pixel Battery Saver, because it displays some kind of totally black mesh on the screen (you can change its density), so at least half of the pixels (or more) are turned off (so the screen consumes less energy!), while you are still able to read anything on your screen.

If you still don’t understand, just take a look at the screenshots.


• What do I need this for?
– Imagine this situation – your battery level is really low, but you have to search for something important on the Internet. Making the brightness lower often isn’t enough. That’s when you would need my app – to turn off some count of pixels.

• There are lots of apps that dim the screen… Is this one different?
– This app works different. It doesn’t overlay your screen with transparent image (but there is such option in premium version if you need it too). It overlays your screen with totally black mesh, which makes some count of pixels off, to prevent them from consuming battery.

• Do I really need AMOLED screen?
– The best results you can get right with AMOLED screen, where black pixel means turned off pixel. However, even in other type screens black pixels are saving some battery, so it’s just worth to check.

• In battery stats I can see that this app consumes a lot of energy. Why?
– Don’t look at the stats, look at the real battery consumption. Probably, Android Battery Stats app “thinks”, that this app display an image on the screen all the time, because of what it shows an information about consuming energy. In fact, this app turns OFF the pixels (in AMOLED screens with this function), so it SAVES that energy, not consumes.

• When the mesh is on, I am unable to install apps (Install button is disabled)
– That’s because of the Android Security. In premium version of Pixel Battery Saver I added an option to bypass this protection. In this free version you can simply turn off the app (by clicking “Turn off” button in Settings window) before installing any app and then turn on it again.

• This would be great if the app would be able to turn on the mesh automatically on specific battery level (f.e. when battery level is low), can you make it?
– I’ve already added this function (and many other) in the next version of the app, which is not published yet, so stay tuned! 🙂

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