Interessante articolo con tanto di sondaggio sul presunto prezzo di uscita del Moto 360, smartwatch di Motorola.

This week’s sidebar poll: Would you buy the Moto 360 for $250 | Android Central

Is $250 the right price, if it is the right price? Much speculation has been spent on the price of the coming-soon-we-hope Moto 360. An appearance on Best Buy’s website over the weekend has lain much of it to the side, as the listed price is given at $250. We want to caution everyone that things which show up early on aren’t always final, and point you to the Droid Bionic as a perfect example. Having said that, the $250 price doesn’t seem unreasonable. I think it’s probably right. So here we are. We have a price that may be correct, and it’s not too high or too low to be impossible. If the $250 price sticks and that’s the retail for the Moto 360, are you buying one?